To qualify for Earn + Learn, an applicant must be a low-income resident of the City of Detroit, Highland Park or Hamtramck. The applicant also must meet at least one of these criteria:
  • A minority male 18-24 years
  • A formerly incarcerated adult
  • A chronically unemployed adult
In addition, to enroll in Earn + Learn, an applicant must meet all of these requirements:
  • Be an American citizen or national; or lawfully admitted permanent resident alien, refugee, asylee, or parolee; or any other immigrant that is authorized by the Attorney General to work in the US
  • Be registered with Selective Service (if male)
  • Pass a drug test
  • Have sixth-grade math and reading levels (We will provide an assessment)
  • Each program may have additional requirements
Earn + Learn is an excellent opportunity to better your life, but your success in the program depends on you. Can you say?
  • I am willing to make changes to have the life I want.
  • I am motivated by a clear structure, expectations, deadlines and having to report on my progress.
  • Despite the challenges I’ve had in my past, I want to learn new skills and believe I can create a brighter future.
  • I want to improve my financial situation over the next 1 – 3 years.
  • I’d like someone to help me focus, challenge me, and hold me accountable to my commitments and goals.
  • I realize that my success depends on my willingness to take action and persist through the challenges.