The Detroit-area Earn + Learn program is led by Southwest Solutions. It involves multiple partners working together to train, place and assist participants in maintaining employment. Earn + Learn was a two-year statewide initiative that began in the fall of 2011. The success of the program allowed it to secure new funding and start up again.

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For participants, the program provides:
  • Work‐readiness training combined with reading, math and computer skills
  • Individualized supportive services, including financial coaching and benefits access through the Center for Working Families
  • Employment
  • Adult Basic Education (ABE), GED, or remediation
  • Vocational training and education
  • Follow-up and job-retention services
For employers, Earn + Learn provides:
  • Employees that are pre-screened and ready-to-work
  • Employer grants through the Michigan Economic Development Corporation’s Community Ventures initiative – usually in the form of wage reimbursements – to cover in-house training and costs related to hiring CV participants
  • Retention supports from the Earn + Learn program including job coaching, ongoing financial coaching, ongoing case management and problem resolution
  • In 2013, 304 Earn + Learn participants completed work readiness training; 506 completed occupational training; 261 were placed into subsidized employment; 236 into unsubsidized employment
  • Between August 2011 and July 2013, Earn + Learn enrolled 1100 participants; 80% completed the 11-week work-readiness program, earning three certifications; 500 went on to additional training at a community college or vocational education; 835 got jobs in either subsidized or unsubsidized employment